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Sometimes, our patients need dental work that isn't as simple as a new filling or crown. At Pure Dental Spa, we offer dedicated oral surgery services for those serious situations where teeth need to be replaced, removed, or extensively treated. Our team will always do whatever's best for your smile, and you can count on a comfortable, stress-free experience every step of the way when you rely on us for oral surgery in Bloomingdale, IL!

Why Choose Pure Dental Spa for Oral Surgery?

  • Affordable Implant Placement
  • Coordinated Benefits Between Dental & Medical Insurances
  • Calming Sedation Dentistry Options

Dental Implants

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For patients who are looking for a more stable, permanent, and secure tooth replacement solution, we also offer start-to-finish dental implant treatment within our dental office. These offer the best aesthetic results of traditional prosthetics combined with a strong foundation of dental implant posts that are surgically placed below the gumline to restore the missing root structure of your teeth. The result is a natural-looking and feeling smile that can last for over 30 years with the proper care.

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Root Canal Therapy

Model of the inside of a tooth in need of root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is one of the most-feared treatments to receive, but the reality is that it has the ability to preserve your natural smile and keep you from needing more invasive treatments, like tooth extractions. We make sure to be gentle and ensure that you don’t feel any discomfort by administering a local anesthetic to the area before we begin. We also offer sedation dentistry as well if you’re nervous about your treatment.

Tooth Extractions

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Our in-house oral surgeon is able to comfortably and seamlessly remove severely damaged or infected teeth to preserve the rest of your pearly whites. Once your procedure is complete, we can then replace your tooth with a lifelike replacement, like an implant-retained dental crown. We try to avoid removing your natural teeth whenever possible, but in cases where it will improve your oral health, this treatment may be the best option for you.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Animated smile with an impacted wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth, also commonly referred to as third molars, are the last teeth that grow in between the ages of 15 and 24. Some dentists and oral surgeons will recommend removing them if they present a risk of developing oral health problems down the road, like orthodontic issues, infections, or cysts that could damage your jawbone. Our in-house oral surgeon in Bloomingdale is able to remove these teeth to help you maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime.

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